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'Jest' beagles
and Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Our Collection of Beagle and Local Links
Beagle Links we recommend
Beagle Resource Centre Absolutely essential viewing for anyone interested in things Beagle. This site brings together literally hundreds of Beagle Breeders from around the world into one central access point. If you are into Beagles and you are not here, you are missing out. We recommend this site to all web users as the place to see how it should be done.
Daragoj Beagles - Finland The famous beagles of Eeva Resko, a good friend with great dogs. Takes a while to load but worth the wait.
Starbuck Torbay Beagles - USA Yes, more friends but that's the way it is. Two great kennels combined with some of the best producing blood in the business.
A well maintained site with plenty of interest.
Bayou Oaks Beagles - USA The beagles of Alyce Braud Gilmore and Richard Gilmore.  Good friends, lovely site which is updated frequently and loads very quickly.
Bangor Beagles - Brazil Well presented, lots of photos and pedigrees. This links you to the English version.
Houndale Beagles - NZ One of New Zealand's longest established Beagle kennels. This site has good photo's & pedigrees covering a number of generations. Also has information on the three New Zealand Beagle Clubs.
Follyfoot Beagles - NZ New Zealand site with another view of NZ Beagles.
Bairal Beagles - NZ Another South Island NZ Kennel.  Good friends, nice beagles.
New Zealand Web Sites we recommend
The New Zealand Kennel Club (Inc) Official site of the New Zealand Kennel Club (Inc). 
PBGV Links we recommend
Kennel Chouan - Denmark Lovely Petits. A well maintained, interesting site with some good links.
Missing from this list and think you would like to be there - why not email us and let us know

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